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As an international student at the University of Leeds you have a wide range of opportunities to build up useful networks during your studies. The contacts that you will create can play a very important role in your search for a graduate job.

Here is a check list with helpful ideas about how you can efficiently network with others and think strategically about your career:

Come to our employer fairs, presentations and workshops

We host a large number of free careers events targeted at University of Leeds students.

Our careers fairs, presentations and workshops are a fantastic chance to interact with employers and obtain an insight into graduate jobs. It is much harder to make these types of contacts when you graduate so take this chance whilst it is still on offer.

Check the Sponsor Register so you know which companies can sponsor you. Do some research on the company before the event so that you can demonstrate your enthusiasm for their opportunities. When you first approach them, you will make a good impression if you ask relevant questions about projects, innovations, career progression, company values and culture. If you open by asking about visas the recruiter may feel your motivation for working for the company is a visa rather than because you want a career with them.  

Check out what events are on offer on our events website.

Use social media

Social media continues to grow as a very powerful job search and networking tool. It is particularly useful for you as an international student as it gives you the chance to connect with potential employers in the UK, in your home country and anywhere else in the world.

Websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can provide great opportunities for your job search if used properly. It is very important that you manage your online reputation and know how to use these websites proactively and creatively for your job search.

For more detailed information and advice, check out our section on social networking.

Make the most of the contacts from your course and from your time at university

The people you meet through your course and in your spare time activities are likely to have many things in common with you. Talk to them about your career plans, share your experiences and stay in contact with them. They might follow a similar career path to yours and offer you support and new opportunities when needed.

Network with University of Leeds alumni

Once you graduate from the University of Leeds, you will become part of the Leeds Alumni community. Your University of Leeds experience can prove a strong link between you and potential employers, so make sure to keep updated about the Leeds alumni activities and use your Leeds Network contacts t give you an insight into different professions and organisations.

Value the contacts from back home

Enlarge your network in the UK but also keep good relationships with your contacts in your home country. They can be really important especially if you are looking to return to work at home after graduation.

Find more tips in our section devoted to networking.