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Mentoring Schemes

Mentoring at Leeds

What is mentoring?

A process which links individuals, providing them with an opportunity to learn from a professional who shares their expertise, knowledge and insights to support development as you (the mentee) progress through your student journey. Mentoring is widely recognised as an effective tool for enhancing graduate career prospects.  


The mentoring relationship can be hugely beneficial. Our Mentors could have either studied a similar programme to you and/or be working in an area that interests you. Some of the benefits reported by mentees include:

  • personal and professional development
  • having specialist/sector related guidance which helps to focus ideas/goals
  • development of professional networks
  • an increase in morale, confidence, and of feeling valued
  • increase in engagement and satisfaction.

Start your Mentoring Journey

As a student at Leeds, you have an opportunity to apply be mentored by professionals who have volunteered their time to support you, either as part of a specific mentoring programme in your School or via the Careers Service Mentoring and Widening Participation team. 

To check if your School/Faculty has a mentoring programme, see the Faculty Scheme link.

For information on the mentoring programmes offered by the Careers Service, see the Career Mentoring Scheme link.

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