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The Mentee Experience

What our mentees say

eMentoring Scheme

A former mentee on the Career eMentoring Scheme, Catalina Cepeda Pena, shares her experience: 

'Earlier this year, I had the great opportunity of joining the University’s Careers eMentor scheme, an eight-week online mentoring programme where I interacted and learned from a Leeds alumnus working in the Marketing and Advertising industry.' Read the full blog here.

Other students mentored on the eMentoring scheme told us:

'I really liked my mentor. She was very helpful and went out of her way to help me. She taught me to focus on my strengths and the skills I already have, and how to display them to the best potential.’

'The scheme has been really useful for me and I have enjoyed being able to chat openly with someone who not only works in a field I am now very interested in, but also an ex-student who has been able to help me with issues this term.’

Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme

Harry took part in the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme during his final year in 2018/19, mentored by Peter McAteer (CEO of Sysmax). 

Why I applied for a Mentor - Networking and making links in the industry is really important. It’s really helpful to get advice from an alum who has been in the same position as you and gone on to be successful. 

It was my first time [speaking to a mentor]. I was very nervous beforehand! But meeting Peter was very informal, and we got on well from the beginning. I didn’t use LinkedIn before the mentoring programme, so Peter helped me connect on there and we communicated via LinkedIn; I followed the company and made more connections and this enabled me to speak to more professionals, as well as meeting people through work placements. 

I was the first generation in my family to go to university and didn’t know anyone working in corporate roles, CEOs, etc., so getting in touch with Peter was scary – but brilliant, and gave me more confidence. 

The main benefits from having a Mentor - Peter was so knowledgeable and it was great to be able to pick his brain, and learn about the state of the industry. As well as the industrial knowledge, Peter helped me with a personal development plan, including focusing on my goals and strengthening my ideas about the career I want. 

Harry Ford (Petroleum Engineering 2019, MEng Chemical Engineering 2020).

Sara took part in the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme in 201920, mentored by Alison Lowe (Deputy Mayor of West Yorkshire for Policing and Crime). 

What would you say to a current student currently applying for a Mentor? - If you are unsure, do it. It will be one of the best and most worthwhile experiences of your life. Most importantly ask to be mentored by someone who you think you can really have a connection with. The moment I read Alison’s biography I knew that she was the exact person I needed. 

I know the interview can be daunting, but it is good practice, as leadership roles often involves a lot public speaking.

Why did you apply for a Mentor? - When looking through the list of mentors, Alison caught my eye. As Alison was a former Labour Councillor for Armley in Leeds, and the Chief Executive of the Leeds mental health charity Touchstone, I knew that she was the exact person that I needed to be mentored by to reach my career and leadership aspirations. Alison’s years of experiences, both politically and as a Chief Executive of a charity, meant I would be able to learn a great deal form her. Knowledge is always a valuable resource, especially in relation to careers. The opportunity to be mentored by such an incredible individually allowed me to develop and gain more understanding about the public sector than I could dream of.

Sara Felberg (Philosophy and Politics, 2020)

If you are considering applying for a mentor to support your career ambitions, you can find out more about our schemes by visiting the mentoring homepage.