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The Mentee Experience

What our mentees say

Image of Mentor and Mentee

Chelsea Reidy, on the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme:

"l have found the mentoring scheme extremely rewarding. It has allowed me to develop and improve my personal and professional skills beyond what a basic involvement in University life could offer me. Engaging in the mentoring experience has not only enabled me to meet a teacher; someone who I have learned from greatly, but it has allowed me to meet a friend; someone who will continue to support me professionally."

Chelsea Reidy, International Relations student, mentored by Roderic Lyne, Former Ambassador to Russia. 

The Career eMentoring Scheme runs for 8 weeks each semester. You can hear from a former mentee as she shares her experience as a mentee: 

'Earlier this year, I had the great opportunity of joining the University’s Careers eMentor scheme, an eight-week online mentoring programme where I interacted and learned from a Leeds alumnus working in the Marketing and Advertising industry.'

Two students who were mentored on the eMentoring scheme told us:

'I really liked my mentor. She was very helpful and went out of her way to help me. She taught me to focus on my strengths and the skills I already have, and how to display them to the best potential.’

'The scheme has been really useful for me and I have enjoyed being able to chat openly with someone who not only works in a field I am now very interested in, but also an ex-student who has been able to help me with issues this term.’

If you are considering applying for a mentor to support your career ambitions, you can find out more about our schemes by visiting the mentoring homepage.