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Career Mentor Information and Application

Mentor Information and Application

University of Leeds Career eMentoring Scheme (2020/21)

Are you a Leeds graduate, an industry professional with a minimum of three years’ work experience? Would like to devote some of your time to share your knowledge, professional experience and advice to support current Leeds undergraduate students? Join our Career eMentoring scheme and support a current University of Leeds student as they plan/begin their career journey. 

What is the Careers eMentor Scheme? - An online mentoring scheme which matches Leeds Alumni with a current undergraduate student to share their experience and industry insights. The scheme is open to all undergraduate students and runs in both Semester 1 and 2 each year. Mentors can sign up for one or both semesters. 

Mentees will gain -

  • valuable insights into their industry sector, and
  • an understanding of whether their interests/strengths align to their industry sector areas they are interested in pursuing
  • confidence, develop interpersonal and networking skills
  • an opportunity to build their professional networks; and feel inspired and confident to take the next steps as they embark on their career journey.

The Mentor's role - As an eMentor you will be matched to an undergraduate student who is hoping to pursue a career in your industry sector. Your role is to work in partnership with your mentee, advising and encouraging their professional development to support them as they develop their ideas and pursue their career and application planning goals.  

Mentees are looking for a mentor who: 

  • is open, has integrity and is consistent
  • possess a good level of industry knowledge
  • is a good listener and communicator, with the ability to develop a supportive relationship
  • can provide appropriate advice and feedback in a timely and constructive manner
  • is willing to commit the time and effort to the mentoring relationship.

Benefits for mentors include:

  • supports your personal and professional growth
  • further develops your mentor skills and experience;
  • opportunity to share your sector knowledge and experience 
  • opportunity for self reflection on your professional development through the exchange of ideas and insights 
  • raise the profile of your organisation with future graduates 
  • an opportunity to connect with a University of Leeds student and support our future alumni.

eMentoring Timeline -

  • Semester 1: 26 October - 11 December 2020
  • Semester 2: 1 March - 23 April 2021 

Please complete the eMentor registration form, which has been designed to gather the information we need to support the matching process, to encourage you to reflect on your current skills and experience and to facilitate a productive mentoring relationship.

The Mentoring and Widening Participation team manages the eMentoring scheme and will use the information provided on the registration form to match a student to mentor. We aim to match all mentors with a student, but this is not always possible. Mentee-mentor matching takes place two weeks before each scheme begins; matched mentors are informed during the week before the scheme opens, any unmatched mentors will be informed the week before the scheme opens/during the first week of the scheme.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch: