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Blogs & Resources

Blogs & Resources

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We’ll be producing a range of online content to help you progress to where you want to be. Have a look at what we did for the Class of 2018 on our blog and don’t forget that there’s plenty of advice on what you can do next available on our website. 

Class of 2019 Blog Series

How can I continue to access Careers Support?
Read about how you can continue to get support from us after graduation.

Experiences in graduate job hunting - Luke Bird
Communication & Media Studies graduate Luke Bird talks in this piece about how after a number of false starts, he realised he was making some fundamental mistakes in his job search, and how a more targeted approach led to him securing a graduate role.

I had no idea what I wanted to do, but this is how I found out! - Lewis Bailey
After finding that money wasn't his primary motivation, contrary to what he initially believed, Lewis talks about how he re-assessed his priorities, leading to more success in his job hunt and contentment with his long-term career plans.

Confessions of an Arts Graduate - Victoria Williams
University of Leeds Arts Management graduate Victoria Williams reflects on the frustrations she initially felt applying for roles in a competitive field, and how broadening her search left her feeling more confident about achieving her goals in the long-run.

How is customer service experience relevant to graduate jobs - Charlotte Hamer
Many students and graduates overlook how their part time work in areas such as customer service can aid their search for graduate work. In this piece, Charlotte Hamer writes about how her experience in retail have helped her career progression. 

How personal reflection and work experience can help you get on the right track - Jamie Gayya
After graduation Jamie Gayya felt left behind as her friends and coursemates secured graduate jobs or further study. In this piece she writes about how reflecting on her values and undertaking voluntary work helped her secure a job she enjoys. 

Transferable skills – from bar work to a graduate role - Alice Whapples
2018 graduate Alice Whapples explains how her part time jobs have given her a wealth of transferable skills, and how these were vital in securing a graduate position.

How I learned to stop worrying and love the job hunt - Kelsie Root
Finding the right job with your dream organisation isn’t always possible straight away. But reflecting on what you can bring to an employer can make it easier to find a role that fits with your skills motivations and values. Find out more in this piece from Kelsie.

Class of 2019 Screencast Series

Stay in tune with life after university
Marc Stewart takes you on a musical journey through some of his thoughts about life after university, including the importance of self-reflection and remaining calm, the value of a step-by-step approach and why a CV is like a curry.... 

Job Searching! Mythbusting!
Leeds 2019 graduate James Hall talks through the myths in searching for jobs and why they are not always as they seem...

Four tools for researching roles
Leeds 2019 graduate Luke Bird talks through the different online tools you can use to enhance your job search

Graduate job sites
Leeds 2019 graduate Victoria Williams talks through a range of job sites to enhance your search for graduate work