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I've lost a job offer

I've lost a job offer

Losing a job offer because of COVID-19 is difficult. Find out what steps you can take next.

Career Guidance Appointment

If you've lost a job offer or placement because of COVID-19 and are wondering what to do next, booking a Career Guidance appointment with one of our Career Consultants can help.

Whether you're wondering whether to look in different areas, look for different opportunities or just need to discuss what's next and how to go about it, our Careers Consultants can help.

You can view available appointments on MyCareer, and continue to access these as a graduate - simply re-register as a graduate to view available appointments.

Identifying Your Skills

At this stage, identifying what skills you've acquired through your academic and employment experience can be a useful exercise.

It allows you to not only evaluate what you have to offer to employers, but can help you think about which sectors and employers would value these.

The Leeds for Life Skills Map lists 13 key employability skills, you can use it to record which of them you've acquired and how to effectively articulate them in your applications

Changing Your Career Plans

According to recent careers research, 32% of respondents were thinking about changing career as a result of the current pandemic, either due to necessity or a feeling that a different route may serve them better.

This may also apply to people such as yourself just setting out on their career journey, especially if you've lost a job offer as a result of the pandemic.

Prospects has some useful advice on making a career change - some of it is aimed at people already in the workplace, but much of it is relevant for graduates considering taking a different route before starting work.

It may also help to explore what you can do with your degree, and whether there's things you hadn't considered before that you might be able to do.