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The industry I want to work in isn't hiring

The industry I want to work in isn't hiring

COVID-19 has affected different sectors in different ways, and those that have been most heavily impacted have either frozen or massively reduced their recruitment. If you wanted to work in one of these sectors, find out how you can adapt below.

Career Guidance appointment

Our Careers Consultants can help you consider alternative careers and sectors that might appeal to you, and talk about how you can continue to develop relevant skills to aid your chances of going back to your preferred sector once things pick up again.

You can view available appointments on MyCareer, and continue to access these as a graduate - simply re-register as a graduate to view available appointments.

Changing your career plans

According to recent research, 32% of respondents were thinking about changing career as a result of the current pandemic, either due to neccessity or a feeling that a different route may serve them better. There are a number of resources out there for people looking to change career path. 

Prospects has some useful advice on making a career change - some of it is aimed at people already in the workplace, but much of it is relevant for graduates considering taking a different route before starting work.

It may also help to explore what you can do with your degree, and whether there's things you hadn't considered before that you might be able to do.

Using your skills in different areas

When thinking about changing career, identifying what skills and interests you have can be a useful way of thinking about which areas to concentrate your job search in.

Think about what skills you've gained in your academic and employment history, along with any skills you've gained through societies and volunteering.

If you're struggling to think of skills, reading about what employers are looking for might provide some interest.

If you're struggling to think about where your skills and interests would be best suited, career planning tools such as Prospects' Career Planner and Job Match might be able to help.

They're careers quizzes that ask you a series of questions and suggest different career paths that might be suited to you based on your answers. They only take 10-15 minutes to complete - answer honestly and see what's suggested! 

Learning about different career paths

Thinking about moving away from the sector you envisaged working in can feel dispiriting.

It can be helpful to read about what previous graduates from the University have gone onto do, you can read case studies from our graduates through the Leeds Network and our blog.

By reading case studies from people working in the sector you've had to turn your attention away from, you'll realise that many of them took non-linear routes to get there even during more stable times, which may give you more confidence that you can develop skills in other areas and return to your desired sector at a later point. 

Reading about different sectors can also help you get a clearer picture about whether you'd enjoy working in them, and if there's a sector that does interest you, you can narrow it down further by reading about specific roles within it.

Any sector that does interest you will have specialist resources about working in that area, so once you've identified areas that interest you start looking for them, or book an appointment with a Careers Consultant to discuss your interests and how to take them further.