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I'm struggling...

I'm struggling with...

Feeling overwhelmed? Finishing university is cause for celebration, but it can also be incredibly daunting. It is vital you don’t worry alone, so we are here to help. Read on for advice on how to manage the stresses of graduate life.

My mental health

If you are feeling low, there are services available to help you get better. Unfortunately the Student Counselling and Wellbeing Service aren't able to offer support to graduates, but they have put together a useful list of other services in Leeds if you're still based here. Support will be available wherever you're based, but you might need to do some research to find out what's available. The NHS' mental health support services search is a good place to start. 

Our team has produced a Sway with tips on effectively dealing with anxiety and stress while job hunting.

Did you know that depression and other cases of mental health class as a disability? It is vital to use your rights under the Equality Act and seek advice on how to manage this when applying for jobs. See “Accessibility” below.


Unsuccessful applications are one of the harsh realities of graduate life, and something that most people encounter after university. Following Covid-19, this may be even more common.

However, there is still hope for all candidates. Developing your resilience and adaptability, and learning commercial awareness, could help you secure a positive outcome. Recent graduate Aaliyah Farr has also written up her tips for finding resilience in your job search.

Has your job search come to a halt? Go here for some alternative ideas.


Through our commitment to supporting the equality, diversity and inclusion of our students and graduates - we have additional support and exclusive activity for graduates identifying as mature, BAME, disabled and/or low social mobility. If you feel would benefit from this support, please email

The Equality Act 2010 protects people from discrimination in the workplace based on nine protected characteristics. More information and guidance is available at


Do you have an impairment that is holding you back in your job search?

EmployAbility offer a free advocacy service for graduates with disabilities – they can help you to get reasonable adjustments and to disclose your condition to an employer.

Disability Services may also be able to offer support with this.

I don't have the right work experience

It is never too late to acquire the skills and experiences you need to secure a role.

There are many options to do remote or virtual internships, while the world is still under lockdown. The same goes for volunteering – many organizations are looking for people to help out remotely, and these activities can look great on a CV.

Future Learn and LinkedIn Learning offering courses that can add to your repertoire of hard and soft skills.

Have you considered Masters level study? A postgraduate qualification could be the gateway to a career.

One of the best ways to gain experience is by getting a part-time or casual job. Many of these are available via JobLink at LUU.

Sometimes graduates already have the right experience, but do not see its value. For example, your university modules will equip you with professional and transferable skills. A careers adviser can help you to articulate this to an employer.