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I need help with applications and interviews

Applications and Interviews

If you know what you want to do and where you're applying for, find out how we can help you maximise your chances of getting through the recruitment process at every stage, from CVs to Interview.  

Application Support appointment

If you need help with applications, interviews, finding opportunities, assessment centres, or anything else relating to job or further study applications, these appointments are for you.

You can view available appointments on MyCareer, and continue to access these as a graduate - simply re-register as a graduate to view available appointments.

CV, Cover Letter and Application advice

There's lots of information available on CVs, Cover Letters and Applications on our website, with advice on what to include, how to target them towards the job you're applying to and downloadable templates that you can follow for your own versions.

Unfortunately Vmock is not available for graduates to access.  

Mock Interviews

If you have been offered an interview, you can help yourself feel more confident before the real thing by having a practice version with us beforehand.

You can book these appointments for searching for Mock Interview appointments on MyCareer.

Practising Video Interviews

You can take a practice video interview online via our subscription to These are not reviewed by a member of staff, but you will get coaching points throughout the interview and an artificial intelligence generated feedback report e-mailed to you following completion of your practice interview.

There are a range of practice interviews for you to try. You can access from the Resources tab in MyCareer.

Psychometric Tests

You can also practice a range of psychometric tests, including all the ones generally used in graduate selection processes, through our subscription to Graduates First

To access this as a graduate, please email us with your name, course, graduation year and student ID number using the subject heading 'Graduates First Access.'

There's further advice and links to practice available on our website

General Interview advice

Introductory advice about interviews, what you should be looking to achieve, and how we can help you, along with links out to a whole host of additional advice about interviews. 

If you're experiencing nerves about your upcoming interview, then our webinar from earlier this year on how to overcome those should prove helpful.  

Assessment Centre Help

Information about what Assessment Centres are, and how we can help you get through them.

A Mock Assessment Centre was also run earlier in the year, with information about how COVID-19 has led to employers replicating the activity online, and strategies for getting through these.

Commercial Awareness

Developing your commercial awareness for the sector you're applying for and deploying it at choice moments can make your applications stand out and make you seem more credible at interview. This blog post from one of our Careers Consultants talks about how you can develop this post-Covid 19.