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I'm not sure what I want to do

I don't know what to do

Being unsure what you want to do after leaving university is a common problem for recent graduates. This page can help you to identify your strengths, interests and priorities, all of which can be useful in helping you plan what you want to do. 

Career Guidance Appointment

Whatever stage of career planning you're at, booking a Career Guidance appointment with one of our Career Consultants can help - you don't need to have fixed ideas already to make use of these.

Whether you're wondering what sectors might suit you, where you can look for different opportunities or just need to discuss what's next and how to go about it, our Careers Consultants can help.

You can view available appointments on MyCareer, and continue to access these as a graduate - simply re-register as a graduate to view available appointments.

Career Planning Tools

If you're struggling to think about where your skills and interests would be best suited, career planning tools such as Prospects' Career Planner and Job Match might be able to help.

They're careers quizzes that ask you a series of questions and suggest different career paths that might be suited to you based on your answers. They only take 10-15 minutes to complete - answer honestly and see what's suggested!

Getting Started With Career Planning

A useful presentation put together by the Careers Service, detailing a series of step-by-step actions you can conduct under the categories Assess Yourself, Investigate Your Options and Take Action.

These steps can help graduates with little clear idea of what direction to go in feel more confident.

Identifying Your Skills

At this stage, identifying what skills you've acquired through your academic and employment experience can be a useful exercise.

It allows you to not only evaluate what you have to offer to employers, but can help you think about which sectors and employers would value these.

The Leeds for Life Skills Map lists 13 key employability skills, you can use it to record which of them you've acquired and how to effectively articulate them in your applications