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What we do

The Careers Centre is here to help you make decisions and plan the next steps towards a bright future. From finding work or further study to working out your interests, skills and aspirations, we can provide you with the expert information, advice and guidance you need. It doesn't matter whether you have no ideas and don't know where to start, or are clear on what you want to do and just need some help tweaking your CV; we can help.

Our services are open to all current University of Leeds students, and University of Leeds alumni. 

How we can help you

With the help of our expert Careers Staff we can give you the right advice to help you succeed in taking steps towards your desired future. The services we offer to do this are:

  • Information – We have a wealth of information and advice on this website to help you - try searching for the information you need first. 
  • Events – We host a variety of workshops, fairs, presentations and other events to enable you to meet with local and national employers and learn key skills to enhance employability.
  • Opportunities - Volunteering, internships, placements and graduate roles advertised on MyCareer
  • Resources - Additional resources under the Resources tab in MyCareer, including Global vacancies and job-seeking advice, virtual career fair apps, virtual interview preparation and more.


We offer a range of appointments, both online and in-person, bookable on MyCareer. Please make a note of appointment location when booking. With the exception of Same Day appointments, all appointments are released on a rolling basis at 12 noon up to 7 days in advance. This means that every weekday, new appointments will become available for the following week.

  • In-faculty appointments - See MyCareer for what's available in your School or Faculty, but generally these are a useful starting point for employability and placements support
  • Application Support Appointments - If you need help with applications, interviews, finding opportunities, assessment centres, or anything else relating to job or further study applications.
  • Careers Guidance Appointments – If you need help getting started with your career thinking, making decisions or want to talk through your ideas, you can book a guidance appointment with a Careers Consultant.
  • Mock Interviews – Got an interview coming up but not sure how to prepare? We can give you a trial run and provide you with feedback to help you succeed on the day.
  • Same Day Appointments – For any urgent queries, a limited number of short on-the-day appointments are released at 9am each Monday, Wednesday and Friday (teaching weeks only). 
  • MyCareer Questions –  Submit questions online to access help and support from one of our expert advisers. We aim to reply to all questions within 3 working days. Look at our FAQS and search our website before you submit your question as you may be able to find the answer more quickly there.