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Thinking of leaving your course

Thinking of leaving your course

There are many reasons for considering leaving or changing your course of study and the Careers Centre is here to help you make the right decision.

Figuring out why

The reason will be individual to everyone but often it is because of one of the following factors:

  • The subject is not interesting you.
  • The assessment or delivery of the course does not suit you.
  • Your living environment is not what you expected.
  • Your personal life is affecting you. Either because you are home sick or have financial pressures.
  • You have changed your potential career plans.

Sometimes you may not be aware of the reason, so it is good to talk to people in order for them to help you figure out why. There are lots of people to help you including the Leeds University Union, the University Counselling service, your personal tutor, family and friends or someone from the Careers Centre. TARGETjobs has also produced some practical tips to help with your decision making

What to do next

It is important that you continue to do your best on your present course, going to classes and handing in your assessments on time. Once you have figured out what is preventing you from gaining the best experience at university you need to decide what you are going to do about it. This could be a further discussion with a faculty member to fully explore the options you face.

If you feel that you should change/leave your course you should be aware of the financial effects it can have. You can discuss the implications with an adviser at LUU to help you with your decision.

Make sure you fully discuss the actions you intend to take and are sure that they are what you want to do. You want to improve your situation and not get a few months down the line to find yourself in a similar position.

How we can help you

We are specialists in helping you weigh up and understand the different decisions or pressure you are facing. We can also help you understand the impact of your decision on longer term plans or the financial implications. Most importantly we can help you make the decision that is right for you. If that does mean leaving your course we can also help you prepare for going into employment.

If you would like to speak to one of our advisory staff face to face then call into one of our drop-in sessions or book an appointment. Alternatively if you have returned home and are struggling with making a decision you can use our online guidance service, MyCareer Questions, or give us a call.