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Careers information

Careers information

The Careers Centre has a wide range of high-quality resources and our staff are on hand to help you make the best of the information available. 

Whatever stage you have reached with your career plans, we have the most relevant and current resources to help. We have developed a comprehensive website to help you progress and have an additional bank of useful websites to help you explore different options and provide you with a wealth of vacancy sources. Our books are listed on the University Library catalogue: we have hard copy books available at the Careers Centre and also e-books that you can use online at your leisure.

I don’t know what I want to do yet

The Career Planning section of the website helps you think about the skills you have developed throughout University and the kind of jobs that might appeal to you. You could look at information on options related to your degree to get you started. The Starting Points section of the Careers Centre also has some books which might help.

I have some career options I want to explore

The Career Resources directory gives you a better idea of what a job involves. You can find out about typical work activities, entry requirements, the skills/qualities you will need to be successful and even good sources of vacancies. You might also want to refer to books in the Occupations section in the Careers Centre.

I want to start applying for jobs

In addition to our own database, you will find numerous vacancy sources in the Career Resources directory. Once you have decided which opportunities you want to pursue we have more information on how to make successful applications covering areas such as:

The website has lots of information on these topics, including e-books you can use online. There are also many relevant books available at the Careers Centre.  

I want to continue my studies

If you are considering taking a postgraduate course, our Further Study section has resources to help you explore your options and investigate possible sources of funding. There are also several books to help in the Careers Centre.

I have a business idea and I am considering starting my own company

We have an extensive section on Self Employment and a large collection of books in the Careers Centre. Our Spark team will be happy to advise you on all aspects of business start up.

I'd like to go abroad

If you're thinking of taking a gap year or wanting to work abroad, we have information in the Working Abroad section and there are several books to help get your plans moving. You may also want to explore overseas opportunities using Goinglobal where, in addition to vacancies, you will find advice on recruitment in different countries.