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Same day appointments

Same day appointments

Same day appointments

We offer a limited number of 'Same day' appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for urgent enquiries.

This service is in addition to our standard appointments, in case you have an urgent enquiry. There are a limited number available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. These are released on the same day at 9am, so look early to avoid disappointment. 

Please note this service doesn't run outside of University Teaching weeks or on public holidays.

What can you use Same Day appointments for?

You can use these appointments for any career related query you might have, particularly any urgent queries, including:

  • Advice on work experience or work placements
  • Study and working abroad
  • Finding a graduate job 
  • CV check, once you have tailored this to a specific opportunity. If you want general CV feedback, please use VMock
  • Application form support 
  • Preparing for an interview or assessment centre
  • Advice about further study including what to do and how to fund it
If you need help with the following, or any other career related query, please book a Career Guidance Appointment
  • Having no career ideas but want help deciding
  • Asking specific questions about your career plans 

Who are same day appointments for?

You can use our same day appointments if you are a current University of Leeds student, or a member of Leeds alumni.  Wherever possible, we recommend booking one of of standard appointments (released 7 days in advance) rather than Same Day appointments.  There is lots of advice available on our website. Please search this prior to booking an appointment as it may answer your query more quickly.