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Class of 2022

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Being in final year is tough. On top of exams and deadlines, we know it’s hard to make time for future planning, especially during a pandemic.

The Class of 2022 campaign aims to support you through these challenging times, by offering tailored advice and guidance on what the right next steps for you are, which you can work through at your convenience when you feel ready to.

Our Class of 2022 pathways on MyCareer are an interactive resource with information on different areas, all of which will help with your career planning. These cover:

We know that with everything else going on in final year,, you may not feel ready to start this yet. We understand that and want to know that this support will be available throughout your final year and after graduation – you'll still have access to all the Careers services you have now as a graduate.

So whenever you’re ready to start we’re here to help – it’s never too late to start planning.