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Engineering graduates get highest salaries

Published: Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Graduates looking to go into Engineering are likely to benefit from the highest salaries and the best international opportunities.

According to UK data engineering occupations rank highly in terms of starting salaries with 4 engineering occupations in the top 10. According to IChem the average graduate starting salary for Chemical Engineers is over £27,000 and graduates can expect good future prospects with an industry average of over £53,000. For Chartered Engineers prospects are even better with an average salary for a Chartered Chemical Engineer of £70,000

Move to the USA and things are even better with Petroleum, Computer and Chemical Engineers leading the way with average graduate starting salaries of between £44,000 and £61,000. If these salaries have wet your appetite for working abroad, you may be interested to know that the Careers Centre subscribes to Goinglobal where you can find advice on working in different countries and thousands of the latest worldwide vacancies. To access Goinglobal you will need to set up an account by visiting the site on campus. Once you have done this you can access it anywhere.

Source: Guardian Careers